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  1. Running a 1 MB/s Tor relay on Linode
  2. Applying Genetic Research To My 23andMe Data
  3. The Behavioral Economics of 23AndMe Results
  4. What I'll Look Like In 50 Years
  5. Financial Tracking: Mint Bubbles
  6. Persistent Location Tracking: Looking For A Few Good Data Points
  7. Persistent Location Tracking: Picking The Right Tool
  8. Don't Hate, Cross-Correlate
  9. Track Your Happiness: An Adventure In Data Extraction
  10. Fitbit: APIs, crossfilter, and d3.js
  11. Self-Tracking for Panic: Another Dataset
  12. Self-Tracking For Panic: A Deeper Look
  13. Self-Tracking For Panic: A bash-ful Look At Some Data

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